Atlantic City Criminal Lawyer

Rebecca M. Leonard, Esq.


Rebecca M. Leonard is a 2001 graduate of Rutgers Camden School of Law. Throughout law school, Ms. Leonard worked as a legal intern with both the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office as well as prominent Camden County law firm specializing in the practice of criminal defense work. During her third and final year at Rutgers, Ms. Leonard interned with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in the Municipal Court Unit under the tutelage of future Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams. During her internship, Ms. Leonard gained invaluable experience by trying dozens of cases as a 3rd year student intern.

This led to Ms. Leonard being offered a full time position by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office under then DA Lynn Abraham as an Assistant District Attorney.

Ms. Leonard was assigned to the Special Narcotics Unit, where she successfully prosecuted hundreds of Philadelphia’s most serious drug offenders. From there, she was assigned to the Juvenile Unit where she successfully prosecuted cases involving juvenile offenders as well as matters involving adult offenders alleged to have committed offenses upon juvenile victims. In this unit, she tried and litigated hundreds of cases involving crimes ranging in seriousness from criminal mischief to rape.

Ms. Leonard served a brief stint in the Felony Waiver Unit and was then assigned to the Major Trials Unit, where she was assigned some of the more serious cases committed in the City of Philadelphia, including violent felonies such as carjacking, attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

These matters would be individually assigned to Ms. Leonard and she would handle these cases from the preliminary hearing phase until their final disposition, which often included a trial by jury.

In this capacity, Ms. Leonard successfully tried more than two dozen cases before a jury, sending some of Philadelphia’s most violent felons to state prison in the process.

Upon leaving the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Ms. Leonard has re-focused her dedication to the criminal justice system by working for the Leonard Law Group, which was created and founded by her husband James in 2002, and dedicated herself to the aggressive and zealous representation of individuals charged with crimes in the State of New Jersey, particularly defendants who are women and children.